There are currently 31 players scouring the lands. Joltaeus won the last PvP Tournament. CptnCrunch won the last FB/SS Tournament.
Guild War WinnersRound 1: Str8outtaJihad Round 2: Str8outtaJihad Round 3: Str8outtaJihad • Guild Wars are every Saturday.

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We are a 5165 semi-classic server with tons of custom features. Get ready to hunt, upgrade, and dominate!

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Patch Notes – 4/15/2019

Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that we have some new updates, including an Easter Event that will run throughout the week and end on Monday, April 22, 2019. Bare with me here, it's late and I've been working on a ton of random things. Including our new "Patch...

Update Notes – 3/25/2019

I did this update a week ago or so, but neglected to post on the website. Discord is super convenient! Below are a couple recent changes made. • TwofoldBlades - The fixed version of the skill (level 4) was set to do 160% damage and the range was doubled versus the...

Economy adjustments

Hey everyone!I've been working on some economy stuff for the last day or so, trying to make sure things were fairly balanced. Basically here's how it is setup. CPs are typically obtained from events and donations. When you donate and get some CPs you'll either be...

Donations are here!

Hey everyone,I've received a few messages regarding donations in the first few days of being live. It's probably a good idea regardless, huh. I finally setup donations and I won't explain too much here as there's tons of information on the donate page itself....

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