Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on some economy stuff for the last day or so, trying to make sure things were fairly balanced. Basically here’s how it is setup.

CPs are typically obtained from events and donations. When you donate and get some CPs you’ll either be purchasing items for your own build or liquidating DBs into Silvers or something along those lines. It isn’t meant to be the primary currency. You can get minor amounts from bags in drops but nothing really “useful”. Silvers are the primary currency for trading and purchasing items with other players. This has already been in the game but nobody really knew that DBs, Shopping Mall Foods, +Stones all have high silver values in regular shops like Blacksmith, etc. This is a huge way for you to get money and and also sets a minimum price on certain items. A DragonBall is 3,333,333 Silvers for example. Don’t be mad thinking there’s been some huge disadvantage either considering people didn’t know.. without a player driven economy there is not a whole whack-load of things to do with silvers. And honestly nobody has had the silvers they could potentially have, which is why I’m making a big notice to everyone so we all are on the same page and business can start booming. There are other factors that will effect things overall, like GarmentTrader in Market.. you can return a Garment for a full CP refund (may add a fee at some point, idk)… but anyway. Along with these changes I made some others.

• Gambler in TC now costs 1,000,000 per item identified. If you have the money.. use this. You can literally get any possible item outcome. Obviously it’s extremely unlikely.. but good things can definitely come out of this. It was originally 100k and went completely unused for them most part as nobody really had money to use it. Really if you only have a few mill, I wouldn’t waste it using this. It’s for richer folks who want to test their luck. You can see my inventory in the post image, I didn’t get anything crazy good, but a few supers and the highest plus was 4. The shield was 1 soc though! It all depends on your luck!

• ItemExchange in Market still offers gold for your unused items Refined to Super. I might increase the values here, we’ll see. The option to trade your plussed items for stones is removed. +items found are not extremely useful for making money, I would probably just use them. I figured people would use this to sell a +6 item they didn’t really need anymore let’s say to get the gold from it, maybe that’s not a bad thing but again I disabled it to create more player interaction. If you got something you don’t need then try and sell it to another player.

• Event rewards lowered from 500 CPs to 125 CPs. Number game is 200 CPs. Events are fun overall and simply put I didn’t want them to be too overpowered. And ones like the standard PvP event.. if someone is strong enough to win then they likely don’t need more and more goods to get even further ahead of the competition. A little something always helps though.

There’s so many factors that effect things, we will figure things out as we go and make changes.