I did this update a week ago or so, but neglected to post on the website. Discord is super convenient! Below are a couple recent changes made.

• TwofoldBlades – The fixed version of the skill (level 4) was set to do 160% damage and the range was doubled versus the level 1, 2 and 3 versions of the skill. I’ve made some adjustments all around and the skill does 80% of your damage for the fixed version max. The range has been halved as well. The damage alone was extremely OP, but the range was making it so glitchy that you could hit people at times nearly off screen. Basically Ninjas were pretty damn tough to kill. The skill is definitely still powerful based on the speed a ninja has versus other classes, but you definitely have to be pretty close to a player to use it now. It is still useful, can definitely one hit players with it if you’re geared but the downfall is you have to be so close.

• Stigma – You may notice your damage is a decent bit lower if you often use buffs. It’s not your damage, it’s Stigma. I nerfed Stigma as it was pretty overpowered. A 75% damage increase (fixed, level 4) seemed a little crazy, and with the overall structure of classes and skills it was just making things too easy. (everyone one hitting eachother in pvp, etc.) Surely this will still happen considering how powerful some players are, but all around it was too powerful and depended upon. Stigma’s fixed version provides a 35% attack/magic bonus now. This is still easily useful of course, just not even close to how powerful it was before. I think I lowered the time by 5 seconds on each level as well. I will adjust the tooltip for this skill (as it says old values) at some point when I am confident the values are good where they are at.

• IceImpact – I increased the damage by 10% all around and also increased the range a little. A member simply mentioned it wasn’t that great and during some testing this adjustment seemed to prove useful. Did some testing against a Ninja, this definitely helped with the range increase also as Ninjas are so agile.

• Item Transformation – I removed the option to transform items into another random item of the same slot type. There were a few issues players had mentioned but nothing crazy, but it just got me thinking about how much I actually hated this system anyway. It made things way too convenient and really no specific type of item was rare I guess, as you could just buy any item with the stats you wanted and then invest a bit of CP to transfer it to what you really wanted it to be. This is spoon feeding to me. I figure with this gone your shit just became a lot more valuable and unique. Then again some stuff you have now is probably literally useless to you.. well, sell it or trade it! The NPC is still there, but now only offers to transfer gems in your equipment (which I raised from 215 CP to 500 CP per gem) and to de-level equipment. I raised the super gem transformation price as again I wanted things to be more unique and valuable. Doing this is still definitely cheaper than buying new gems, guaranteed. It just isn’t as cheap anymore.

More updates to come soon. Thank you for your support!