Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that we have some new updates, including an Easter Event that will run throughout the week and end on Monday, April 22, 2019. Bare with me here, it’s late and I’ve been working on a ton of random things. Including our new “Patch Note” image above, this will be our new official image to advertise new important update logs! It looks a little more professional, and I’ll theme it to holidays, etc. Please note I do read and note all feedback regarding bugs and suggestions. I am one person and I do what I can, when I can do it. Just because something you mentioned hasn’t been added, changed, or fixed doesn’t mean it won’t be done. I’m a fairly capable dude but with some C# and time limitations it can be tough, hence why I’m in the middle of hiring a developer. This way I can focus on advertising, management, etc. and fix smaller issues here and there and then simply have someone I can pay to do the bigger things! Anyway, onto the good stuff.

Easter Event:
Starting now running until April 22, 2019, if you hunt any monster in Conquered Lands Online you may find various types of Eggs. Trade them to Rachel, a new NPC in Twin City, for Easter Packs which contain various items like CP, Plus Stones, MeteorScrolls and EventTime(30Mins). Farm as much as you can while it lasts!

Rates Adjustments:
I’m going to be a little vague here, but nearly all rates have been slightly adjusted. Nothing crazy, some probably wouldn’t even notice. For the most part they were lowered, I think the only rate I actually increased was the 1 Soc chance. Actually, I did this a few days ago and didn’t tell anyone. So you should be adjusted by now. :’) This is also only base rates, there are various drop/exp events throughout the day which make things a ton easier as I’m sure you are aware.

MysticPheasant Spawns Increased:
The spawns for MysticPheasants have have been increased anywhere from 25% to 100% in certain areas on the map. Users were saying that it was quite tough to get MagicTassels and ultimately not worth it. The spawns are a lot better so getting MagicTassels should be a lot easier.

Bow, Katana and Club Visual Update:
As I’m sure you’ve noticed there are a few visual updates that have been issued as well. Make sure you run your AutoPatch.exe file if it doesn’t run automatically already. I updated these based on requests or players not overly liking the previous models. The katana is the same model with new effects, looks great. For the bow we decided to go back to the original model that everyone loves.. but I wanted to make it different somehow so again I adjusted the effects and added a poison effect instead of the usual white glow. I think it looks very bad-ass! As for the clubs I pretty much was just getting some practice in and again changed the style. They aren’t used too much anyway.

Minor Garment Visual Update:
Extremely minor but I figured I would mention it regardless. FlameRobe, SilentButDeadly and Sovereign all have small effects on them. You might notice some different glows, etc. This may be why.

Ghost Visual Update:
Quite simple, the old ghost textures are plain and boring. These ones have a little more detail and look nice and modern. I like them a lot better, hope you do as well!

I think there may be more, but now it’s even later than it originally was. I’ll update this if I come across anything else I forgot to mention. At some point I will likely work out an update schedule so people can prepare for when updates will be issued. Might create more hype also! We’ll chat more soon. 😉