That took a nice little while! After weeks of sorting things out I think we’re good enough to get started again. I’ve wiped everything beta related. We’re officially live and good to go. I won’t say too much, as there’s a decent list of what has been adjusted below. Please note that all rewards and donations will be fulfilled once again after 7 days of server time. I don’t want to overwhelm the economy right away or anything so we’ll work into it. As of this moment everyone has an equal start. We’ll surely make more adjustments as we go, and probably buff some content instead of nerfing it. We’ll see how it goes. Happy hunting and thank you for coming back.

You may register an account and download the client here on the website. Be sure to join us on Discord as well!

Base EXP Rate is 2 (was 3)
Experience rates overall reworked
• Waters gain 25% more EXP than base rate
• Archers and Fires gain 100% more EXP than base rate
• Warriors gain 50% less EXP than base rate

For experience this is how the structure has always been, the base rate is constantly adjusted based on a combination of many factors. The base rates have functioned this way always just were a little lower or higher. Waters for example were 100% more EXP than other classes originally, and power leveling them was way too OP. It will still be easier to do than others, just not as easy as it was is all. The actual final rate is determined by this and a ton of other factors too, you don’t literally get “double EXP” on a archer or fire versus other classes.

Donation rate adjustments
• CP per dollar is 200 (was 300)
• Silvers per dollar is 750,000 (was 450,000)
• Event minutes per dollar is 3 (was 12)
Various drop rates lowered 5-40%
DarkDagger drop tripled (VIP Quest)
DisCity (2nd reborn) quest rates extremely lowered
• SoulStones were 1 per 50 mobs, now 1 per 200
• Other 4 required item drops were 1 per 25, now 1 per 150
Max items in random Treasure Box spawns increased
MoonBox tokens drop rates buffed 30% more
MoonBox items adjusted
• Sockets and -DMG was too easy, lowered a decent bit
Meteor drop rate buffed 10%

Met spam bonuses from gems lowered
MagicTassels are now called FabledCrates
• Rate slightly lowered, rewards adjusted
• Same drop locations (MysticPheasants, Quickshade Quest, Hell)
LuckyStars are now SocketTomes
• 200% bonus instead of 300%
• Different icons and name
• Price raised in Shopping Mall from 1600 to 3200 CP
New item SocketScrolls (“a page from a tome”)
• 200% bonus for 2 minutes (SocketTome is 10)
New item MonkeyTeeth
• Huntable quest item for Aria in AC
New item called BlackPearl
• Huntable quest item for Aldrick in BI
EventTime consumable item reduced from 30 mins to 10 mins
• Price raised in Shopping Mall from 1600 to 2000 CP

NPCs & Mobs:
Gem Monsters rates adjusted
• 30% less chance for Super
• 10% more chance for Refined
• 60% (40% more) chance to drop Regular
Meteor Doves a useful area now
• Spawns increased x4 previous
• Rates increased x2 previous
• Mobs are now physical dmg not magic
Blessed Fairies reworked
• Can drop any -dmg now (was originally -1 or rare -5)
• Rates adjusted to suit
• 50/50 chance for basic stat weapon/armor
Gambler received a few adjustments
• Costs 175 CP instead of 1KK
• 1 socket rates tripled
• -DMG rates lowered a little
Leo removed from TC
OldQuarrier removed from TC Mine
ExHunter removed from TC
ExTaoist removed from TC
OldTrojan removed from TC
BoredWarrior removed from TC
Rachel in center of TC offers Hairpin Quest
Aria in center of AC offers a new quest
Aldrick in center of BI offers a new quest

Classes & Skills:
Invisibility and NightDevil not allowed in Guild War map
Superman buffed 50% more damage
Reborns from Ninja inherit Toxic Fog (was Poison Star and Archer Bane)
All class promos that gave 1 super gem now give 3 refineds
• Warrior gives 1 ref tortoise and 2 ref dragons
• All initial promo dialog adjusted
All class promos that gave 1 super gem now give 3 refineds
• Warrior gives 1 ref tortoise and 2 ref dragons
• All initial promo dialog adjusted

Reward for second reborn changed from STG to RTG
Daily Quest in TC now gives additional reward properly
Gamble DB for + Stones removed
Buy Attribute Point with DB removed
Monster Killing Race will now start with 15 or more players online
GW socketed items are now 1000 GWPoints

Again, thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a long enjoyable experience here at Conquered Lands Online.

Sempai Twelve