Hey everyone. Clearly I lack updating the website, but I managed to find some time to do so today. I might just do this instead every month as it will be a lot easier than posting every single update individually. Here’s all updates that were issued in August 2019. If you want live updates when issued please be sure to join us on the Discord.

Socket Rate Adjustments
• 1st socket 10% harder
• 2nd socket 15% easier
Meteor Zone rates increased 5%
Moon Box token rates increased 75%
Rachel’s hairpin rate decreased 50%
Dark Dagger rate increased 10% (1/1000 chance)
Shopping Mall Adjustments
• Moon Box removed
• Magic Cake removed
• Lucky Cake removed
• Magic Treat removed
VIP Aura Added
• /vipaura to enable/disable
CPAdmin Added
• He will bulk take from your inventory
• DB for 50 CP
• DBScroll for 500 CP
• 75K Silvers for 1 CP
De-Level prices should be accurate (ItemTransformation NPC)
Gem transforming no longer an option
(ItemTransformation NPC) TwofoldBlades buffed (will require testing)
• Base is 10% more DMG than it was for each level + 7% more dmg per level up. (level 4 is 38% more dmg than it was)
ManaPulse DMG adjusted (level 0 was more than level 1)
Monster Race has been adjusted
• Fixed a bug where reward wasn’t distributed (hopefully)
• First 2 lowest possible amounts of mobs removed (each tier)
• Race should happen little more often
• 40% chance for +5 Stone
• 6% chance for +6 Stone
• 2% chance for +7 Stone
• .3% chance for +8 Stone