Welcome to Conquered Lands Online!

Thank you for stopping by. We aim to provide an amazing Conquer Online Private Server experience.

We are a 5165 semi-classic server with tons of custom features. Get ready to hunt, upgrade, and dominate!

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Thank you for your potential interest in supporting the server. Below are the donation rates and information. Everything is firm so there is equality between members who donate.. meaning we do not offer any “custom packages”. Prices or rewards may be adjusted for balance at any time. If you’re comfortable with the rewards you may obtain from what’s listed, then go ahead and donate. If you have any questions before making a purchase message “Twelve” on Discord or in-game.

Reward Quantities

The CP and Silvers obtained are not much, the main item you will profit from if sold is the VIPToken. You get this as a trade-able item in-game, which can’t be obtained any other way. Therefor it’s worth whatever someone will pay for it. This also makes it so regular players aren’t obligated to donate if they don’t want to. If you play enough, you can easily purchase these off of someone. 


Event Minutes

All donations get you event minutes to use at your own will. The rates from these minutes are both x3 EXP and Drop rates. These minutes are owned by you, but apply to the whole server when used. So you’re in control here, if there aren’t any events running then run one yourself!

Benefits & Commands

It’s likely you’re already used to these features already with your free week of VIP you received when you had started. These are VIP features though. Maybe you used your time wisely and are able to purchase VIP in-game instead? Below is a list of features and commands that VIP players get over regular players.

• Auto Mining: /automine command automatically drops ores lower than Gold Ore when you mine. Assuming you find a safe spot, you can mine while you’re away for longer periods of time and not have to throw away the garbage yourself. Extremely helpful. 

• Auto Loot: You auto loot Silvers, DBs, Mets, Super Items, Elite Items, +1 Stones, +2 Stones, Quest Items and Gems. You will receive an alert in the top left of your screen if a +1 to +4 item drops on the ground. A few can be switched on or off. /m for mets, /e for elites, /s for supers, /t for treasure chests.. but why would you want to do that anyway?

• Auto Scroll: /autoscroll will automatically scroll Meteors, MeteorTears, DragonBalls, +1 Stones, and Gems as soon as they go in your inventory. Be sure to disable when you want to break the scrolls apart, as they will just turn into a scroll again right away.

• Auto Meteor Spam (ArtisanWind): Surely you’ve been already dreading getting those sockets, takes forever right? This definitely helps speed things up, imagine doing each one individually? Damn that’s time consuming. You can set your settings at the oven right beside ArtisanWind. It makes it so during an upgrade it will keep using Meteors automatically until the item upgrades. 

• Auto Repair: When your gear is about to break, this feature automatically repairs it. You would have received tons of warnings up until then, and have likely repaired your gear already.. but still. Just a safeguard.. typically you lose your gear when you break it. 

• Remote Repair (VIP Button): You can repair your items anywhere you are.
• Remote Compose (VIP Button): You can compose your items anywhere you are.
• Remote Warehouse (VIP Button): You can access your Market Warehouse anywhere you are.

How do you obtain your rewards?

Luckily for you, rewards are automatic. You must enter your exact character name in the notes field when you’re donating for Paypal to send the correct information over to the server. If you somehow mess this up, then you will simply have to wait. Message “Twelve” on Discord. It is also recommended that you are online during your donation process. 

This method is quite easy and smooth overall, you simply donate through Paypal and enter your character name and it will automatically pop into your inventory. You can also type in someone else’s username this way and essentially gift packages to someone else. 

Are you ready to donate?

If you have come to this point and have decided this is something you would like to go ahead with, then you may make your donation below. Be sure to include your character name exactly how it is spelled! Please note under no circumstances are there refunds. If a mistake is made it can be corrected and we will work something out so everyone is happy. Just contact “Twelve” on Discord if you have any questions.