Welcome to Conquered Lands Online!

Thank you for stopping by. We aim to provide an amazing Conquer Online Private Server experience.

We are a 5165 semi-classic server with tons of custom features. Get ready to hunt, upgrade, and dominate!

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Notice: Always run the game with LandsLauncher.exe, and also make sure your client is fully up-to-date.

Client Downloads

Below are various file types for the client. Choose whichever type and host suit you best.

ZIP Archive Mirrors

SFX Archive (.EXE) Mirrors

Added soon…

All full client links updated 5/16/2019 to prevent less Auto Patching. 

Client Patches

We do have an Auto Patcher built into the client, but problems can happen for some users. As patches for the server come available I will post them here in case you need direct access to them.