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We are a 5165 semi-classic server with tons of custom features. Get ready to hunt, upgrade, and dominate!

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Write a Guide for Rewards!

I’m a busy guy. I will try to write guides for the server when I can, but if you want to write a guide for the server I will reward you 500 CPs per guide. This can be an easy way to make some money in the beginning! There’s plenty of quests, methods of leveling and just general functionality that could use a guide. Help others out by writing one. You’ll be rewarded and forever have your name credited on the guide. 


EXP / Drop Events:
These run on a random timer and pick between x2-3 rates for an hour.

FB / SS Tournament:
Twice Daily except on Guild War days at 9:00 and 18:00 Server Time. Players may enter at the Arena in Twin City. Everyone enters with 1 HP and all attacks do 1 damage. When one player kills another player they gain 1 HP so they can survive an extra hit before dying. Last man standing is awarded 400 CPs and bragging rights.

Number Game:
Twice Daily at 11:00 and 23:00. A simple guess the correct number game. The computer picks a number from 1 to 100. Guess a number by typing in # 42 , # 69, etc. The computer will tell you if your hot or cold. After others have had a chance to pick a number you get to guess again. First to guess the number wins 100 CPs.

Arena Tiger PvP Boss:
Every day at 15:00 a Tiger with 2 million HP is released into the arena. Work together or fight against others to defeat the boss and pick up the loot. It drops dragonballs, meteors, up to +4 Stones, and a random Garment every time.

Daily Boss:
Every day different bosses spawn throughout the world that take quite awhile for even a maxed out player to kill. The bosses cycle off every 5 days spawning 2 different bosses each day. Most bosses are outside city gates, the Terato Dragon is the hardest of these bosses and he’s in Frozen Grotto Floor 3.

Guild War:
Guild Wars are now only on weekends, every Saturday to be exact. Guild War is broken into 3 rounds to give different time zones a chance to participate. The rounds are at: 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 (server time). Round 2 at 12:00 lasts for 2 hours, while the 1st and 3rd rounds only last 1 hour. Guilds fight for control over the pole in the Guild arena. The guild that holds it for the longest wins the round. Rewards are given to members who participated in the war. You get points to use at a Guild Shop NPC which is located to the left of the Guild Conductress. You can save up your points and get a ton of things from starting server wide events, to soc items. At the next automated maintenance is when GuildPrizes(Cups) will be distributed automatically to your inventory. 

PK Tournament:
Event held in arena randomly at least twice a day and a special one on Sundays and the first of the month that awards the weekly and monthly PK tournament Halo. Most kills in 5 minutes wins! 1st place gets 300 CP, 2nd place gets 200 CP and third gets 100 CP. Each win adds your name to a raffle to win a Mana, HP or Poison Weapon. (This and other pvp events will be the only way to obtain one.)

Hunger Games Arena (Temporarily Removed):
Everyone starts Level 1 with no Items in a map full of enemies with crazy high EXP and Drop Rates. Manage resources and fight to stay alive the longest. Last man or woman standing wins and gets to keep all the items they find + 400 CP.


Quest Guides

Quest: Finding The Wedding Ring (LV. 15+)

This guide was written by the player: Genocide

Quest Name: Finding the Wedding Ring
Level Required: (L15+)
Quest Limit: Unlimited
Quest Reward: Elite +1 L10 Attack Ring
Details: After hitting level 15 with your archer through killing Pheasants and Turtle Doves, Head to Robins and search for ElderRobin. He is hiding somewhere in robins area. Kill him and get the AngelRing as a drop, then find Roger near the bridge at (683,691) Twin City, give him the AngelRing and enjoy having your elite +1 attack ring!

Quest: GhostBusters (LV. 20+)

This guide was written by the player: Genocide

Quest Name: Ghostbusters
Level Required: (L20+)
Quest Limit: Unlimited
Quest Reward: Super +3 L22 Earrings


Step 1: Search for Phantasm Monster at Apparition monsters area in Twin City
Step 2: Kill the Phantasm and pick up the JadeGlyph
Step 3: Head to KungFuBoy at (042,417) Near Mine Cave and give him the Gylph
Step 4: KungFuBoy will teleport you to an area, kill the monsters to get the FateBox
Step 5: Deliver the FateBox to the boy inside , then he will take you to the final step
Step 6: kill the boss in the last phase to get 2 demon gems, head back to the boy to get your reward!

Other Guides

Guide: Getting Started at Conquered Lands Online

This guide was written by the player: Genocide

The best way to start your journey, is to create an Archer at first. You can then hunt and collect stuff. At the beginning, head to IlluminatiStone at the middle of TC (440,377) and Vote to get x3 EXP for 1 hour. Head to Pheasants and kill them to reach L10 so you can learn Scatter. Now go back to Pheasants and continue killing them until you reach a total of 300 monster kills (Pheasants bosses and Turtle Doves kills count more than 1). Head to PoacherPaul in TC (438,444) to claim your prize (1 EXPBall and 2 MeteorTears). This is the beginning, use the MeteorTears at ArtisanWind to upgrade your gear (or save them and just buy higher gear, can sell mets to npc shop for gold) and go back to hunt more pheasants , ghosts and robins to level and farm. Quests are repeatable, so this is a great way to get things started!

Guide: Socketing Gear and Weapons

Are you wondering, how in the heck do I socket my gear? Well, it’s going to be pretty rough… and you’re going to need Meteors. A lot of Meteors. This seems to be one of the more commonly asked things, so I figured I would do up a quick guide. I hope this helps!

Gear Sockets with ArtisanWind (Meteors):
If you’re wanting to socket your gear, you will do it at ArtisanWind in Twin City. (to the right of the WH) It is ideal to save up a lot of Meteors before you do this, and then use the AutoSpam function via the Oven that is close by. You can also set the level of when it should stop leveling in case it goes too high. This way you can fill your inventory with Meteors and then when you use ArtisanWind it will automatically run through all the Meteors in your inventory. Now, if you have really saved up your CP also then the NPC near by named ItemTransformation gives you the option to reset an item’s level. It’s good to prepare to spam as many Meteors as you can when trying to go for a socket. If you do it little by little you will end up wasting a lot of time and getting pretty angry while doing it! This makes having an archer to farm extremely useful as well. 

Gear Sockets with Upgrader (DragonBalls):
In the Market where you upgrade with DragonBalls, you have a 3x higher chance of getting a socket as well. This is not a viable method to upgrade anyway.

It’s often a well established member will use a LuckyStar. They can be purchased in the ShoppingMall and when used socket rates are increased by 300% (x3) for 10 minutes for everyone on the server! It’s good to save up and keep an eye out for these events. They will be extremely useful for you later on.

Weapon Sockets in Bird Island:
You can socket any weapon in Bird Island at ArtisanOu. You will need 1 DB for the first socket and 5 DBs for the second.