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We are a 5165 semi-classic server with tons of custom features. Get ready to hunt, upgrade, and dominate!

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The next EXP Event begins in 504 minutes.
There is current a Drop Event running! (x2 Drop rates for the next 7 minutes)
A member who donated started a x4 EXP and Drop rate event for the next 0 minutes.
The weekend is coming soon enough, when it does there will be bonus experience!
Nyx (Level 129 with 257 Battle Power)
BigToe (Level 135 with 275 Battle Power)
AzurA (Level 133 with 252 Battle Power)
Yoona (Level 133 with 263 Battle Power)
PeeNoise (Level 131 with 242 Battle Power)
QuickSilveR (Level 133 with 260 Battle Power)
I_MAKE_IT_RAIN (701363 Virtue Points)
Hitokirin - 243
Leistung - 4505719253
AsaKurwa (2840 PK Points)